Windows Phone Game Development

Expert Windows phone developers
Experience in c# and .net
Developers with 5+ years of experience
Cost effective development
With a talented team of world class mobile game developers across major mobile operating systems, virtualinfocom provides an expert team specialized in windows phone game development and has its development centre in India. We understand the growing windows phone market and provide you with the best resources to give shape to your game ideas.
We are not an art school with a gaming add-on, not a computer school with a gaming module, the virtualinfocom is a focused game industry-specific educational institution. At virtualinfocom , we create windows phone gaming professionals. virtualinfocom is a Windows Phone Application Training Company in kolkata, jaipur, pune, allahabad, newyork, nigeria with proven expertise in training useful windows phone applications as well as providing hands-on training to budding game developers. We have a dedicated team of windows phone trainers who provide intensive and dedicated training on all core and general aspects of windows phone development. As you must be aware that sound programming skills on the SDK are a must to translate that great idea you have, into reality. Once you get the right hang of the windows phone SDK you are all set to market your cool applications on the iPhone Store and make money in real time!
Benefits of virtualinfocom Windows Phone Game Programming Training Course:
Learning game development from the experts themselves has its own advantages like:

Gaining training from renowned trainers from Industry.
Learning all theories in practical ways.
Regular revisions of topics taught in previous classes.
Breakdown of complex iPhone and ipad programming jargons into simple ones to follow language.
Know the tips, tricks and time saving coding techniques that tech gurus follow to develop applications.

    windows phone game programming course schedules

  • How to use Mango
  • How to add a new class file
  • How to create your own view class
  • Using Tango
  • Inspector tabs
  • Custom classes
  • Connecting graphically objects
  • Develop apps using Qt
  • Member variable naming conventions
  • Forward class declaration
  • Deriving classes
  • Overriding methods.
  • Creating a custom UIView
  • The use of needsDisplay
  • NeedsLayout
  • Core Graphics concepts
  • Context
  • Path
  • Current position,
  • Adding to path
  • Stroke fill.
  • Game Engine
  • Multiplayer Systems
  • Game Engine Programming
  • AI for Game Developers
  • Game Testing Rules