Facebook Games Development

As a technically superior full service social game development company, we create social game applications for the web, the desktop, iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones and the iPad. We create visually appealing and stimulating social games powered by cutting-edge graphics routines, an intuitive, immersive game design technology and innovative game mechanics. Virtualinfocom provides complete social network game development, including game definition, marketing foundation, game-play research and definition, monetization, functional specification, script development and storyboarding, game programming, quality assurance and compatibility testing, hosting, game distribution implementation and support services.
Our game developers and game designers build applications ranging from quizzes, word puzzles and shooter games to thrilling role-playing games, high-end online multiplayer games, arcade games and action adventure games, 'hidden objects' and superb casino games. Fantasy and challenge, suspense and skill characterize our social games. Our game designs add a social dimension to game play and include skill levels, different game modes, progress milestones and achievement incentives like bonuses and virtual awards. A wide variety of game genres build a bouquet of game choices.
Conceptualizing basic story and developing game options to script development, we follow proven professional methodologies. We create a distinctive storyboard unique to each client: a graphical organizer to visualize the game sequence. Building striking backgrounds, realistic life-like characters and models, and syncing with dramatic audio completes the basic social network game development process.
We build Facebook Games, Google+ Games by integrating the Google+ game API, Hi5, MySpace and mobile versions - with easy porting across platforms.